DIY Swan Cake Topper with your Cricut (FREE SVG!)

If you’re planning a birthday party then this tutorial is for you! Learn how to make a gorgeous 3D Swan Cake Topper with your Cricut that will be the talk of the party. And even better, you can download the SVG totally free! 

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It’s my youngest’s 3rd birthday next week, she’s such a girly-girl (which still surprises me because her big sister is SUCH a tom-boy!).

So we’ve decided to fully indulge her and go all out girly party theme….think glitter, flowers, dolls, unicorns and all things pink & sparkly. 

I love a statement cake at birthday parties, there’s nothing better than a gorgeously decorated cake table being the focal point of the celebrations.

BUT our go-to cake lady is super busy at the minute and couldn’t fit us in.

So, in attempt to make a store bought cake waaay more exciting I set to designing a super cute 3D cake topper that I could make with my Cricut.

I’ll be honest, it really tested my brain figuring out all of the layers, three test cuts later and lots of scrap card I’d finally got it sussed.

And I LOVE the finished design! It’s going to look super cute on the pink sparkly cake 

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Want to make this Swan Cake Topper?

Do you want to make this Swan cake topper? Just head to bottom of this page to download the FREE SVG and follow along with the 12-page Instructions Guide! Enjoy!

1. Uploading the SVG to Design Space

Once you’ve downloaded the folder, unzip and upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space.

IMPORTANT: If you resize any of the elements, make to resize ALL of the different elements as well. If you don’t, the cake topper won’t assemble correctly.

I cut this cake topper at approx. 18cm/7″ wide, with the flowers cut at approx. 10cm/4″ wide.

Choose which colour cardstock you’ll be using for each layer. I find it easier to change the colours of the SVG to match my chosen cardstock. You can then cut by colour layer, and have the image as a guide when assembling the cake topper.

2. Materials & Supplies needed to make the cake topper

When using heavier cardstock, I generally cut it twice. So, choose the ‘Cardstock’ setting on your Cricut, and cut as normal.

But BEFORE unloading your mat, slightly pull the card up to check if it’s cut all the way through.

If not, hit the Cricut button on your machine and it will cut again.

This only works if you HAVEN’T unloaded your mat. I find this gives me a cleaner cut, rather than choosing a ‘deeper’ cut setting.

But you will need to do a test cut to find what works best for your cardstock.

When all of the layers are cut, lay out the cake topper so you can see exactly where all of the parts go, before you glue anything down.

3. How to assemble your Swan Cake Topper

  • IMPORTANT: Do not start with the largest scallop circle – this needs to be put on LAST, to cover the cake topper sticks. Set this piece aside and start with the middle scallop circle.
  • Attach foam pads to the back of the smallest scallop circle. Lay it on top of the middle size scallop circle. Press gently to make sure it’s securely attached.
  • Attach foam pads to the back of the normal circle. Lay it on top of the scallop circles (from the previous stage). The circle should line up with the edges.
  • Attach foam pads to the back of the swan. Don’t attach any under the crown area or the top of the swans head, as this will site directly on top of the circle. Attach it to the cake topper, the bottom of the swan should sit just inside the bottom of the circle.
  • Use glue to attach the swans crown, beak, eye and cheek.
  • Use glue to attach the first name banner. I like to line it up just at the bottom of the swan. Make sure it central and even at both sides. Use the pictures as a guide.
  • Lay the two leaves either side of the banner. I suggest using a glue gun for these to make them super secure, as they will only be attached by the bottom of the leaf. Once you’re happy with their position, put some drops of hot glue on the banner, and place the leaves on top. Don’t worry about what this looks like, as the second banner will be covering it.
  • Attach foam pads to the back of the second banner and lay this directly on top of the first banner. All of the hot glue and bottom of the leaves should now be covered.
  • Roll the paper flowers, and secure the bottom using hot glue.
  • Place the flowers and the two remaining leaves on the cake topper, to decide their position (use the pictures as a guide).
  • Secure the two leaves first, using a drop of hot glue. Try to make it neat, but don’t worry too much as the flowers will be covering the glue.
  • Use hot glue to attach the flowers. They should sit slightly on the bottom of the two leaves, to hide all of the glue. Don’t use too much glue on the bottom of the flowers as you don’t want it seeping out of the edge.
  • Turn the cake topper over.
  • Lay out where you want the cake topper sticks. Attach them using a glue gun (don’t worry about what they look like, they’ll be hidden).
  • Attach foam pads to the scallop circle around the cake topper sticks.
  • Attach the largest scallop circle (that you set aside earlier) on top of this. It should hide the top of the sticks, and look really neat.

4. Adding a name to your Swan Cake Topper

  • To add a name, just type it out in Design Space. If you’ve chosen a handwriting-style font that overlaps, be sure to select it and hit the WELD button. The font I tend to use is FESTIVE.
  • If you want to double layer it, select the name, hit Offset, and adjust to the size you like.
  • Then cut the two layers as normal, and attach to the cake topper.

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We hope you love our free Swan Cake Topper design!

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